Customs Clearance

Customs Clearance for the
Antique, Art & Vintage Trades

The team at HAIRSINES provides comprehensive,

friendly and seamless customs clearance services

 that have been developed especially for the antique,
art and mid-century trades – from sole traders and partnerships to galleries and auction houses.

• Imports & Exports across the UK – EU border

• GVMS – GMRs linked to your declaration

• Flexible methods of paying import VAT

such as Duty Deferment Account

• Safety & Security Declarations included

• Partner agents in EU for wrap-around service

• ATA carnet for exhibitions in Europe (notice required)

• NCTS for Transit / T1 (notice required)

• Customs Comprehensive Guarantee (CCG)

• SCDP authorised (simplified procedures)

• Customs Audit preparation

• Same-day clearance (notice required)

• Customs Support Service – by annual subscription

+44 (0)1480 272 595


• Certified Practitioner in Advanced Customs Compliance

• Member of the London Chamber of Commerce

• Member of the Institute of Export & International Trade (IoE)

• Extensive experience of importing antiques and art from Europe

The Customs Clearance Process

We work in 'direct representation', so completion of our standing authority form
is an initial requirement and indicates acceptance of our
Terms and Conditions (see below). The form also tells us key business details such as your EORI number

and preferred method of paying import VAT (e.g. VAT number).
For us to use PVA or to access your CDS cash account,

you'll first need to register an online CDS account linked to your EORI.

We'll send you the customs forms (packing list and clearance instruction)
which should be completed each time you plan to export or import

goods across the UK–EU border.

  When you're ready to export / import goods, follow these 3 simple steps:

step 1.

Email both completed

customs forms plus photos

of receipts/invoices to

Also send any licences that may be required 

(e.g. cultural licence).

step 2.

We will declare your goods to customs (both UK and EU) using the data you provide. We liaise directly with HMRC via the customs declarations service (CDS).
If additional data is required,

we will ask you to supply it.

step 3.

Once cleared, you'll received customs cleared documents and codes by email. You'll need the codes to create your Border Pass (Eurotunnel) or Port Pass (ferry services) before you can access the port or terminal.


• Please allow sufficient time between submitting your customs forms and planning to travel:

> For next-day travel: customs forms to be submitted by 2pm the day before travel

(or by 12noon on a Saturday for Sunday travel – UK clearance only at weekends).
> For same-day travel: always check in advance – the time of travel cannot be guaranteed.

Customs Clearance must be obtained before you can access the port or terminal.

GMR and French barcodes should be correctly uploaded to create the Border or Port Pass.
• Clearances take longer to process during times when the CDS and GVMS systems are down.

• It is the importer's responsibility to obtain any required licenses for the goods they are importing.

• We always do everything possible to obtain clearance for our clients within agreed time-frames,

but there may be events beyond our control which cause delays to travel plans.